Predictive Supply Chain Visibility

A.I. Driven On-Time Delivery of Goods

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What Makes Us Great

Built to Power Logistics Management of the Future


Get the system to alert you not just when things are going wrong but also when things are likely to go wrong


Work with teams across functional boundaries to determine the most profitable response for your business

Alert Management

Issue and Alert Management Define alerts on objects with thresholds across multiple metrics

Data Security

Ensure efficient data flows while making sure of compliance to applicable data laws

How It Works

Our advanced machine learning algorithms merges data from multiple sources, helping companies to effective manage and analyze tons of datasets. We integrate seamlessly with existing ERPs and databases to ensure that the entire digitization process is quick and painless

Overcome challenges like lack of visibility, allocation of drivers and inefficiency. Get complete shipment level visibility in real-time to identify potential issues and correct them before they escalate

Delivery management system with live tracking for customer when biker is out for delivery. Alongwith Automation at customer end for first mile along with app for completing pickups


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